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Crushing Screening Plant Spare Parts

Crushing Screening Plant Spare Parts

Details of this product

Abstract: Crushing Screening Plant is widely used in building materials, ore crushing cement, mining, chemical and other industries. Because Crushing Screening Plant working environment is bad, so prone to failure. Wherein Crushing Screening Plant Spare Parts damaged faster, increased maintenance costs. This article will explain Crushing Screening Plant Spare Parts common problems, these problems can be avoided during use.

Crushing Screening Plant Spare Parts FAQ

First, Crushing Screening Plant Spare Parts – The Rotor

Use of the material wear resistance is not high, the installation on the rotor hammer Face and sides with ore contact, wear faster. Wear resistance of the material is not high time is short, the maintenance workload, and the impact of the broken ore raw materials, have a greater impact on the organization of production.

Second, Crushing Screening Plant Spare Parts – The Liner

Crushing Screening Plant of the housing and the base are lined with different types of liners, large liner wear in contact with the mineral than larger part by the impact of liner wear less and less, the replacement of many relatively small amount. Damage to the local wear large liner replaced, other parts of the wear and tear is not, so that the effective utilization is not very high.

Third, Crushing Screening Plant Spare Parts – The Hammer And The Connecting Bolts

Hammer rotor connected by four oval countersunk head bolts (M24), a large amount of wear, flip a period of time necessary to stop the use of the two classes for once the hammer and bolt. This connection of the bolt head to be in contact with the mineral, the hammer on the bolt head no protection, resulting in the bolt and hammer wear together.

Fourth, Crushing Screening Plant Spare Parts – The Back Plate And Bolts

Crushing Screening Plant two crushing chamber, the primary and secondary crushing chamber have three back plate. Back plate wear large primary crusher, especially near the two back plate hammer wear faster, and the back plate and hammer are the same as with the oval countersunk head bolts piercing fixed, use about 10 hours is necessary to check replace the bolt, 15 hours must be removed to replace the chassis back plate. Replace the back plate down only 1/3 of the original quality of the material is not fully utilized, resulting in a serious loss.

Learned Crushing Screening Plant Spare Parts prone to problems, in the job process should pay attention to these issues, to avoid affecting the normal operation of Crushing Screening Plant of. In addition, routine maintenance work should pay particular attention to these issues.

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